Making Sense of Flyers' Lineup Changes

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The big news of course is that Brian Boucher is in goal, while Michael Leighton replaces Sergei Bobrovsky behind him. Bob will be in the press box, keeping Leighton's seat warm.

I'm not in that locker room and I'm not in Bob's head, but if this quote from Bob means anything, we have a fragile young goaltender on our hands. "Physically, I'm feeling normal. Mentally... not really. But I'll get over it soon."

It's no secret that the Flyers are all in on winning the Cup this season, and Bob has been a huge part of the regular season success. He was even great in Game 1, while Game 2 was just a mess all around. It's not as if Bob was any worse than Ryan Miller was in Game 1, yet the two are obviously different animals.

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