Manning, Brady Successors in This Draft?

Manning, Brady Successors in This Draft?

In the last month, the Colts have staged private workouts with quarterbacks Colin Kaepernick and Andy Dalton, and the Patriots spent one of their 30 allotted in-house visits with quarterback Jake Locker.

Safe to say, those players wouldn't qualify as "drafting for need" for the Colts or Patriots.

But would Indianapolis or New England really pull the trigger on one of the aforementioned triggermen and, implicitly, start the clock on the end of the Peyton Manning and Tom Brady eras?

No, it's not likely. And it's most certainly worth mentioning that both the Patriots (with picks at 17, 28 and 33) and Colts (22) could be in prime position to prey on teams looking to leapfrog one another from the top of Round 2 to get Kaepernick, Dalton or Locker at the bottom of the first round.

But don't dismiss it out of hand.

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