Passion for Canadiens a National Pastime

AP Photo

The third and final debate of the last U.S. presidential campaign took place on Oct. 15, 2008. It was the one that turned “Joe the Plumber” into a very famous man.

Some 56.5 million Americans tuned in, according to The Nielsen Company. So, those same 56.5 million Americans didn’t watch the clinching game of that year’s National League Championship Series that October night. For them, civic obligation trumped the Phillies and Dodgers. I guess it’s hard to argue with that.

Well, our neighbors to the north are having their own electoral fun this spring. May 2 is the big day. I’ll leave the details to the McGill political science faculty but, Canada being a bilingual nation, the leaders of the four parties are obligated to debate one another in French....

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