Quiet Staples Center Won't Help L.A. Kings

Quiet Staples Center Won't Help L.A. Kings

There were no excuses for the Sharks' dismal performance Saturday night. There should be even one fewer excuse in Game 3 on Tuesday night. The contest will be played at Staples Center on the edge of downtown Los Angeles.

So. Big home-ice advantage for the Kings, right? At playoff time, the National Hockey League is famous for impossibly raucous, loud and intimidating buildings.

Staples Center is not one of them, though.

To be sure, the Sharks may struggle to pick up a victory on their trip south. But it will have nothing to do with a smothering crowd atmosphere, unless you count the odor of some movie star's perfume. And more of them go to Lakers games anyway.

Staples Center is a jewel of an arena. Yet as hockey venues go ... well, if HP Pavilion can be a Metallica concert when the puck drops, Staples is more of a Kenny G experience.


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