Selig Should Expunge Bonds' Records

Selig Should Expunge Bonds' Records

We know what Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig is going to do about Barry Bonds' embarrassing home run records. He will do nothing. He will let Bonds' single-season home run record of 73 and career record of 762 sit there and fester until they are broken — which could very well be never now that baseball is doing some pretty serious drug testing.

Selig will continue to say what he has always said, that while it's personally troubling to him, what's done is done and he can't fiddle with the record book because if you open that can of worms, where does it stop?

If only Selig could step outside his warm cocoon of baseball apologists to assess his options, he would see that there is another path for him to take, a course of action that might allow him to salvage his place in sports history. He would see a sports entity even bigger and more wide-reaching than his own, not just one sport on one continent, but the most all-encompassing sports event on earth. He would see that its leaders have done on numerous occasions what he might have to do just once: alter the record book because it's absolutely the right thing to do.

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