Unexpected Dodgers Takeover Is Good News

Unexpected Dodgers Takeover Is Good News

I wonder if Vladimir Shpunt saw it coming.

I'm guessing Steve Soboroff did not.

What a farce!

Seven years here with the Boston Parking Lot Attendantand the Screaming Meanie, and clueless reporters are asking Dodgers officials Wednesday if this is the darkest day in the organization's history.

Come on, it's time to celebrate.

The worst day in Dodgers' history was Jan. 29, 2004, Major League Baseball owners unanimously approving the scheming McCourts' plan to buy the Dodgers.

What an outrage!

As Commissioner Bud Selig put it at the time, "There's no doubt in my mind that he will be a good owner of a very storied franchise."

We all say things we might regret — just ask Soboroff, who wrote a letter of support for Frank McCourt months ago and then compounded his misjudgment Tuesday by signing on with McCourt.

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