Blackhawks Expose 'Beatable' Canucks

AP Photo

We take you back now to those halcyon days of, uh, earlier this week, when the world was Vancouver's oyster and all of hockey was chuckling in derision at poor, deluded Jonathan Toews.

The Chicago Blackhawks captain, his team trailing 3-0 in the series and down to a last life in their playoff season, was so distraught, he had resorted to making absurd statements — laughable they were, really — like what a shame it was that the Hawks hadn't been able to expose the Vancouver Canucks for what they were.

“And what are they, in your opinion?” he was asked.

“A beatable team,” Toews said.

Eyebrows arched in his audience. Eyes rolled.

Yeah, right, Johnny.

Then coach Joel Quenneville announced that hard-nosed...

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