Adversity, Pressure May Make Newton No. 1

Adversity, Pressure May Make Newton No. 1

It started out as a simple lunch, but it ended with six neatly folded napkins, and the only truth about Cam Newton that NFL scouts care about.

It was late January in Southern California, and George Whitfield, a QB guru who once helped Ben Roethlisbeger prep for the 2004 draft, had just picked up Newton and his father at the airport. Whitfield was about to start working with Newton for a few months, get his dropbacks NFL-ready and make his mind sharp. However, before all that, they needed to eat.

But what was supposed to be a quick sitdown at a local restaurant, turned into mini-QB clinic. At one point, Whitfield asked a waitress for pens and extra napkins so Newton could draw out plays right then and there. By the time they were done eating, the Auburn star had outlined his Tigers' entire BCS Championship game plan - complete with halftime adjustments for both Auburn and the OregonĀ  - on six neatly folded napkins.

"It was like 'A Beautiful Mind,'" Whitfield says, referring to the movie starring Russell Crowe. "We filled up six napkins, front and back, with all the details - all before I even got to teach."

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