Coach Brooks Proving Himself in Playoffs

Coach Brooks Proving Himself in Playoffs

George Karl entered these NBA playoffs having won 74 games in postseason play during his illustrious coaching career.

Looks like he will leave these playoffs with the exact same number of wins.

His Nuggets face elimination Monday in Game 4, and even though Karl has pulled every string possible and pushed every button imaginable, nothing has worked in this series. Not calling the Thunder cocky. Not throwing every available body possible at Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Not playing the woe-is-me card after a blown goaltending call in Game 1. Not professing confidence that returning to Denver would remedy all ills after Game 2.

I guess someone's got to provide playoff tomfoolery once Phil Jackson retires.

Scott Brooks isn't auditioning for that gig. What Mr. Straight-and-Narrow is doing is getting the better of this coaching matchup.

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