Dolphins Should Draft Mallett

AP Photo

Pardon me while I hit you over the head with this:


The Dolphins’ first pick in this week’s NFL Draft should be Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett.

The way things look, Miami likely could trade down in Thursday’s first round from 15th overall to near the end of the round, maybe add a second-round pick and still get Mallett, whose massive potential is too great to pass up at a position this crucial.

Risk? Yes. Maybe the draft’s biggest steal? That, too.

I wouldn’t advocate this if I thought Dolphins management was confident incumbent Chad Henne is the long-range answer. It has become clear it isn’t.

Not for nothing has Miami met four times with Mallett in the buildup to the draft. That’s a lot of effort toward a pointless smokescreen, or genuine interest. But interest and daring to pull...

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