Lacob Looks to Put His Stamp on Warriors

Lacob Looks to Put His Stamp on Warriors

Here in the 21st century, when millions of quality employees have been dumped for reasons beyond their control, it often matters not whether one does satisfactory work in the customarily pertinent areas.

Keith Smart did precisely that, according to his direct supervisor, and still lost his job as coach of the Warriors.

Several hours after Smart was sent packing Wednesday, Warriors vice president/general manager Larry Riley spent 20 minutes praising his former coach. Looking like a designated messenger trying to conceal his discomfort with the process, Riley complimented Smart's performance under difficult circumstances, his professionalism and his amiability.

Riley concluded Smart, then several hours into unemployment, did a "good job."

A good job, however, is not enough when there is a new boss in the building and he's determined to put his fingerprints on a long-foundering sports franchise.

This isn't Riley asking anyone to understand the decision to replace Smart, who was popular with a majority of players and fans.

This is Joe Lacob, the new CEO, asking everyone to trust him.

Whenever a CEO dismisses someone despite satisfactory performance, that CEO is effectively saying he has a better idea, that he is making the move because it eventually will make the company better.

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