NFL Draft: A Cultural Phenomenon

NFL Draft: A Cultural Phenomenon

Well, now we have the proof: Even if the NFL shuts down completely, the draft will thrive. When the world ends, the only things that will survive are cockroaches, Keith Richards, the NFL Draft and Mel Kiper's hair.

At the moment, Roger Goodell is stuck in a doorless room, but he might finally have a way out: Forget the games. Just hold a draft every Sunday in the fall, leading up to playoff drafts in January and finally the Super Draft at the end of the season. (The halftime show, naturally, will honor Wilson Pickett.)

While the league and players argue over ... well, whatever the heck they're arguing over, the Draft just chugs along. It truly is the most remarkable big day on the sports calendar, a must-see sporting event that is not really a sport or even an event. It's guys shaking hands. Yet we can't look away.

The question is: Why?

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