49ers' Pick a Sign They Want Kolb?

49ers' Pick a Sign They Want Kolb?

The 49ers were not so desperate to add a high-profile quarterback Thursday, which was the most striking development on a day of indirect hints and hazy suggestions.

In fact, the 49ers did something thoroughly un-desperate with their No. 7 overall pick: They stunningly selected relatively unknown defensive end Aldon Smith and bypassed his Missouri teammate, heralded quarterback Blaine Gabbert.

Yes, Aldon Smith. Of course! Had it all along.

And, as the night stretched on, the 49ers made no overt move for any of the other top-rated quarterbacks, though they presumably had a few chances to trade back into the first round to land one.

Meanwhile, a team source adamantly denied a rumor that they drafted Smith in order to trade him to Philadelphia for prized quarterback Kevin Kolb.

"We're keeping Aldon," the 49ers source said.

So, the 49ers still need a quarterback. They really, really need a QB.

General manager Trent Baalke and coach Jim Harbaugh don't lack the ability to stun their fans, but they still lack a first-line quarterback.

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