Elway Makes Miller New Face of Broncos

Elway Makes Miller New Face of Broncos

Move over, Tim Tebow.

By selecting Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller, the Broncos took a sledgehammer to the extreme arrogance that characterized the much-lamented Josh McDaniels era.

Miller, selected second in the first round of the NFL draft Thursday, supplants Tebow as the No. 1 reason to believe in the future of this franchise.

The pick is another sign that John Elway is a football executive who believes more in substance than glitz.

A downtrodden team finally has more to sell Broncomaniacs than the uncertain promise of the No. 15 jersey worn by an unproven T-shirt salesman.

Whenever the tiresome bickering about how to divide $9 billion in annual revenue ends between NFL owners and players,

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