Panthers Make Big Mistake With Newton

Panthers Make Big Mistake With Newton

A smart man once said you're not supposed to gamble with the first pick of the NFL Draft. Unfortunately, the Carolina Panthers just did. They chose quarterback Cam Newton. Good luck, fellas.

Newton is a high-risk, high-reward choice who has, as one NFC head coach put it, "Hall-of-Fame talent." But it's not Newton's talent that's in question here. It's all the other things that go into making a franchise quarterback, starting with knowledge of the game -- and, sorry, but Newton misses big-time there.

"Newton never really developed past the J.C. [junior college] in terms of football knowledge," said this same coach. "At Auburn, they let him do what he wanted to do."

Granted, he did it well. Very well. But let the record show the guy threw a total ... a total ... of 280 passes at the FBS level. Now compare that to, oh, say, Tim Tebow's 995 or Blaine Gabbert's 993 and, we're looking at someone who built his reputation on one season.

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