NFL Bottom Feeders Take Big Steps Forward

NFL Bottom Feeders Take Big Steps Forward

Musings, observations and the occasional insight as we wrap up day three of the NFL draft and the entire seven-round pick-fest at Radio City Music Hall ...

• Let's hear it for the NFL's downtrodden. Cleveland, Buffalo, Detroit and Cincinnati went a combined 19-45 last season and have jointly produced a grand total of three playoff trips in their last 44 seasons -- from 2000 on. But the four who have been mostly on the floor look like winners to me coming out of the 2011 draft.

The draft is supposed to be the league's great equalizer, allowing the lower class to pull itself up by the bootstraps and improve its lot in life. It doesn't always work out that way, but you have to like the outlook for the Browns, Bills, Lions and Bengals more today than you did before the start of Thursday night's first round.

Here are some of the draft highlights of those four perennial losing franchises, who all finished at or near the bottom of their divisions in 2010.

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