10 NFL Teams With Big Holes to Fill

10 NFL Teams With Big Holes to Fill

A Federal appeals court is expected to rule Monday on a permanent stay of the injunction to lift the NFL lockout. If the court rules against the owners, it could be business as usual on Monday and free agency would begin. If not, free agency will most likely have to wait for the lockout to end, and might look radically different than usual -- especially if the labor issues aren't solved by the time the regular season is slated to begin. No one knows exactly what will happen to standard practices like restricted free agency and franchise tags, or if they'll simply revert to 2010 rules.

The uncertainty about free agency appeared to affect the way teams drafted, especially at quarterback. Four quarterbacks went in the first 12 picks. At least one or two may have fallen if teams could have acquired veterans.

But several teams still didn't address their big areas of need early in the draft and are counting on free agency or trades. Here's a look at 10 teams whose draft-day decisions are tied to the ability to add players once the league year begins.

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