Grizzlies Illustrate Meaning of Heart

Grizzlies Illustrate Meaning of Heart

There's a dry-erase board mounted near the back entrance to the Oklahoma City Arena. A question was written on it Sunday, especially for the playoffs.

"How much does a human heart weigh?" it said.

My guess would be about 12 Grizzlies.

Thirty-six hours earlier, the Grizzlies had been walking down South Main in Memphis, high-fiving throngs of besotted fans, celebrating Friday night's emotional Game 6 win over the San Antonio Spurs.

So there wasn't a chance they'd be ready to play Oklahoma City at noon Sunday. There is resilient and then there is just nutty.

Except, there they were, 21/2 hours after tipoff, quietly congratulating one another after a resounding 114-101 victory.

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