Injury to Boozer Should Help Bulls

Injury to Boozer Should Help Bulls

As the Bulls prepare to end the Atlanta Hawks’ season in the next week or so, I’m still not sure which helps the Bulls more:

The Hawks with Kirk Hinrich too injured to play or the Bulls with Carlos Boozer too injured to play?

With Hinrich down because of a hamstring injury, the Hawks have to start Jeff Teague. With a straight face. Teague had the job a while ago, then lost it, and now gets it back by default. Put Teague in a starting lineup that already includes center Jason Collins, and you’ve got two guys who are averaging fewer points than Keith Bogans and barely as many rebounds. Combined, I’m talking. Combined.

Starting with fewer scoring options against the best defensive team in the league is no way to go through the playoffs, son. Without Hinrich, the Hawks lose the one defender who might stand a chance against Derrick Rose and a guy who can organize an offense. Without Boozer, meanwhile, the Bulls lose nothing on defense and just a fake inside presence on offense of late.

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