Pacquiao's Prime Is Being Squandered

Pacquiao's Prime Is Being Squandered

The fans at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas poured boos down on the ring, expressing a sentiment shared by many pay-per-view customers. Sugar Shane Mosley was running from Manny Pacquiao, making consumer disappointment and anger understandable.

So too was this emotion: sadness.

Saturday was another wasted night of Pacquiao’s prime, the competitive circumstances and raw politics of boxing robbing what could’ve been a night of greatness tested.

Instead, we got another lopsided decision, Pacquiao winning as an overwhelming favorite against a 39-year-old opponent who had no intention of actually fighting.

Mosley was once a great champion and remains a likeable ambassador for the sport. He never stood a chance against Manny, though. That was something promoter Bob Arum acknowledged at the outset, only to realize he was so out of opponents for the Filipino that he had to make the fight anyway.

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