Kyle Busch Should Expect Payback This Week

Kyle Busch Should Expect Payback This Week

Kyle Busch has one coming.


Topping his list of enemies right now, following Saturday night’s chain of events at Darlington Raceway, is Kevin Harvick.

Harvick, 35, must have been a mathematician in an earlier life because there’s no one in the sport better at keeping score.

In the most recent episode of the Happy vs. Rowdy Show, Harvick began door-slamming Busch on the Lap 363 restart of Saturday night's NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Darlington. The round lasted one lap, with Harvick knocking Busch out of the line for position in Turn 4. That created a three-wide battle down the frontstretch that sent Harvick's Richard Childress Racing teammate Clint Bowyer on a race-ending spin as the two collided.

Busch, 26, retaliated by hooking Harvick at the start-finish line sending an 'enough already' message. But the match didn‘t end there.

Following the race, Harvick chased Busch onto pit road, climbed from his car and approached the No. 18 Toyota. With eight of Harvick’s teammates also in pursuit, Busch elected not to stick around. As Harvick reeled off the first punch, Busch hit the gas and plowed through the No. 29 car. His team later claimed that the reverse gear had malfunctioned.

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