NASCAR Losing Control Over Drivers

NASCAR Losing Control Over Drivers

Kyle Busch isn't to blame for what happened Saturday night at Darlington and neither is Kevin Harvick. NASCAR is.

In the era of "have at it, boys," NASCAR has lost its teeth.

There was a time when getting called to the NASCAR hauler was a worse fate for a driver than spinning out on Turn 4 of the last lap.

These days, heading to the NASCAR hauler is more like a trip to the therapist. Not fun, but nothing that strikes fear in your heart.

Harvick and Busch each received a $25,000 fine and four weeks of probation for the altercation on and off the track Saturday, about as painful as a downtown parking ticket for these millionaires.

Is there any more meaningless penalty in all of sports than NASCAR probation?

When Busch and Harvick left the NASCAR hauler near midnight Saturday -- after their confrontation on pit road when the Southern 500 ended -- each had a smirk on his face.

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