Turgeon Lacks Buzz But a Good Fit for Terps

Turgeon Lacks Buzz But a Good Fit for Terps

In the shadow of The House That Gary Built (a.k.a. Comcast Center), University of Maryland students hustled between classes and munched on Big Mac's in the student union Tuesday afternoon, seemingly oblivious to the latest headlines out of an athletic department that has been making a lot of them over the past year.

There is a buzz on campus, but it's because finals week is getting underway, not because former Texas A&M coach Mark Turgeon was hired Monday to replace legendary men's basketball coach Gary Williams.

"I think the lack of buzz is because not many people know his name,'' said student sportscaster Scott Kornberg. "He's kind of similar to Gary Williams. He's a good X's and O's coach. I think when people see how hard he works — and how much he is like Gary — there will be more buzz, but that will be a little bit down the road."

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