Thunder Should Change Starting Lineup

Thunder Should Change Starting Lineup

You can set your watch by Scott Brooks.

The Thunder coach is as consistent as Old Faithful. He makes substitutions at virtually the same time every game. He goes by a preordained pattern that players know so well that they can sub in without Brooks saying a word.

Imagine the surprise, then, when Mr. Consistency went way off script not once but twice in these Western Conference Finals.

First came reserve guard Nate Robinson's appearance in Game 1. Then came the B Team plus Kevin Durant playing almost the entire fourth quarter of Game 2.

Even though Brooks is batting .500 in the unexpected-moves department, I say that he should embrace this new daring.

Change the starting lineup.

On a night when Oklahoma City must win Game 4 at home and square this best-of-7 series before it shifts back to Dallas, the Thunder just has to have a great start. It has started slow in every game of the series. Even though Saturday was worst of all, the Thunder has held a first-quarter lead for less than seven minutes combined in the first three games.

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