Heat's Biggest Game Always Next One

Heat's Biggest Game Always Next One

Give me May madness over the March variety. Give me the undulating drama of an NBA seven-game playoff series like Heat-Bulls over the won-or-done format of the NCAA Tournament.

College basketball rewards inferior teams that got lucky on a given night.

The pros have a better gatekeeper. Lucky teams don’t get through. The better team does, almost always, earning advancement over a two-week grind in which every result refits the series in a whole new context.

“Absolutely no time to exhale,” as Heat coach Erik Spoelstra put it Monday.

The most important game in a seven-game series is always the next one.

And so it is for the Heat, now, Tuesday night here in Game4.

Miami’s 2-1 series lead is so precarious, so fragile. It seemed bigger than it was in the afterglow of Sunday’s triumph, but the reality is this next game will define the series and set the favorite clearly.

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