Savvy Mavs School Thunder

Savvy Mavs School Thunder

Kevin Durant sank to the Ford Center floor, arms down, head dangling between his legs. There are losses and then there are losses and Game 4's 112-105 overtime defeat was clearly one of the latter. All the energy, all the emotion Durant and his baby faced teammates had brought into Game 5 was gone, erased by a second half surge by a Dallas Mavericks team that was too tough, too savvy, too complete for the Thunder to close out.

"I feel upset," Durant said. "I let the city down."

It was an emotional moment for an emotional, 22-year old kid who, without question, has nothing to hang his head about. No, Durant did not play well on Monday. His 29 points were overshadowed by nine turnovers and a head scratching, 30-foot three-pointer with three seconds left in the fourth quarter that Shawn Marion easily blocked. But Durant is the face of the city -- not the team, the city -- and he can't hang his head after losing to a team with an impossibly complete superstar (Dirk Nowitzki), a grizzled playmaker (Jason Kidd) and the kind of depth that makes taking four games from them a daunting task.


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