NFL Keeps Wielding Its Big Stick

NFL Keeps Wielding Its Big Stick

Every day this NFL lockout drags on, the more preposterous it seems to get. One act of peculiarity is quickly followed by an inexplicable moment of frustration, then finished off by an unfortunate example of blatant hypocrisy that all poignantly illustrate why there's absolutely no good reason why the owners insist on keeping the players out of work.

So here we were Tuesday afternoon and the strangeness wouldn't stop. In the parking lot in front of Rams Park, a handful of assistant coaches were returning from lunch. As they piled out of a big SUV, they marched neatly shoulder to shoulder back into the complex like orderly Swiss guards — which seemed to be perfect, because now they all are good soldiers drilling endlessly with no particular battle to fight.

The coaches have no one to coach. Every day, it's the same routine. They just go back into the building, and no doubt dig into a bunch of earnest but frustrating busy work.

Meanwhile just a five-minute drive away on the artificial surface of Lindenwood's Harlen Hunter Stadium, their locked-out players were going through their unofficial mini-camp workouts, with the veterans and rookies going through pages of a new playbook on their own.

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