Rose Must Bring MVP Game vs. Heat

Rose Must Bring MVP Game vs. Heat

You talk to people here, and they tell you the series is over.

This is the Heat team Miami knew it would have, this unfurling, triple-starred dynasty that just took a little time to stitch together.

Heat vs. Mavericks for the NBA championship in a few days, with Miami in a blow-over, they say.

The Bulls? Done, the locals say.

Springing from this ‘‘White Heat’’ arrogance is a corollary low rumbling that is gaining volume from Fort Lauderdale to Key West, to the nerve center itself, American Airlines Arena: Who is the MVP of the league?

Derrick Rose?


‘‘Chicago’s Rose Just Doesn’t Have ‘It,’ ’’ went the headline above Miami Herald sports columnist Israel Gutierrez’s Wednesday piece. With ‘‘It’’ being that vague something that wins.

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