Focus on LeBron's Play, Not His Words

Focus on LeBron's Play, Not His Words

As the NBA Finals begin tonight, consider two basketball stars.

One is on the verge of proving much of the sports world wrong; one has simultaneously become less popular than property tax.

Player A is everything you would want in a competitor.

Despite his superior talent, he plays unselfishly, deftly setting up teammates. Rather than relying on his immense offensive skills, he has made himself one of the best defenders in the league, a player who frequently and singlehandedly chases down and ruins fast breaks.

Player A has proved during these playoffs that he can be a dominant clutch shooter, erasing one of the few doubts his critics could express about his all-around game.

In a sport where players are judged by championships won, Player A removed himself from a comfortable setting and took less money than he could have made elsewhere, choosing to chase titles rather than maximum dollars. He also subjugated his ego by choosing to play with other stars.

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