Thrashers Never Given a Chance

Thrashers Never Given a Chance

Sometimes when you look at the way people get punished in college sports, it doesn't feel quite right. You often get the feeling that the punishment never fits the crime. Sometimes you cringe at the unfairness of the way justice is served, the way the little guy always gets hit the hardest and the ringleaders get away with murder.

This isn't one of those times.

Jim Tressel got exactly what he deserved Monday when the legendary Ohio State football coach was forced to resign in shame.

He is a liar and a bad one at that. With the cloak of Nixonian shame weighing him down, Tressel was done in by his own inept cover-up. The NCAA does not have subpoena power. But that does not mean it lacks clout. And the easiest way to get on the wrong side of NCAA investigators is to lie to them and let them catch you in that lie. And that is exactly what Tressel has done every step along the way. And now that those lies are being exposed one by one, Tressel has become a liability to Ohio State and the same administrators who awkwardly tried to support him just a few months ago.

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