Unfinished Business for Mavericks

Unfinished Business for Mavericks

If iron sharpens iron, then what does collective misery bring about?

Apparently enough joint motivation for a potential magical and redemptive title run.

This is the story of the 2011 Dallas Mavericks, a band of tortured current and former superstars who are on the brink of unprecedented success as a group that they were unable to achieve individually.

Forward Dirk Nowitzki, guard Jason Terry, guard Peja Stojakovic, guard Jason Kidd, forward Shawn Marion and coach Rick Carlisle, all linked by postseason misery, face the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals starting tonight, looking for deliverance and championship salvation.

"All of us have unique stories," said Terry, one of just two players, along with Nowitzki, remaining from the Mavericks team that lost to the Heat in the 2006 NBA Finals. "That is what is driving us. It's why we get this done this year."

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