Mavs Need Dirk to Be Better Than Good

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Dallas can beat Miami. Once, I mean. Dallas can beat Miami once. I'm positive of that. Four times in seven games? Excuse me -- four times in six games? No, I'm not positive of that.

But the 2011 NBA Finals don't have to be a dismantling. Dallas could win a game or two. Maybe three. Hell, it's conceivable Dallas could win four. Doubt it, but maybe.

But there's one condition that must be met for Dallas to win, and I mean for Dallas to win even once:

Dirk Nowitzki has to be one of the best two players on the court.

He doesn't have to be the best. Not necessarily. That would help, but it's not mandatory, and most of the time it won't be possible. In games featuring LeBron James and Dwyane ...

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