Thrashers' Bloggers Forced to Say 'Goodbye'

Thrashers' Bloggers Forced to Say 'Goodbye'

Matthew Gunning is an Atlanta Thrashers fan. They exist. They were passionate. So passionate was Gunning, and frustrated by the lack of coverage for the team, that he created a blog called Thrashers Talons in 2006 and wrote under the name "The Falconer." His blog grew in popularity and eventually joined the SB Nation blog network as Bird Watchers Anonymous.

"As a blogger and a Thrashers fan, hockey is the defining part of my life," he said.

On Tuesday morning, his life was redefined. Atlanta's owners announced they had sold the team to True North, which will relocate the franchise to Winnipeg beginning next season. The Thrashers are no more, and will fade into memory like other defunct franchises.

Soon, too, will many of the blogs that covered them on a daily basis.

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