Will Dirk's Injury Doom Dallas?

Will Dirk's Injury Doom Dallas?

One star spent the day after Game 1 of the NBA Finals talking about his blossoming penchant for hitting huge shots. The other spent it talking about his damaged finger — to say nothing of what it could mean for more wounded pride.

One game in, and this is where we're at: The Heat have a 1-0 series lead, LeBron James has become the man with ice in his veins and Dirk Nowitzki, at least for now, is the guy with the torn tendon in his left hand.

The question is: How much will either of those facts dictate what happens the rest of the way?

"Well, he's going to play," Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said Wednesday. "I'm not sure of the exact severity of the injury, but I know he's going to tape it up, put a splint on it, or whatever it is, and he's going to play. And we're not going to make a big issue of it.

"At this point," Carlisle added, "anything short of a compound fracture, you play."

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