Chris Cooley Prank Calls Palmer, Elway, Others

Chris Cooley Prank Calls Palmer, Elway, Others

Chris Cooley is a hard-nosed football player on the field, and a free spirit off of it. He recently had a chance to sit down with NFL Network host Rich Eisen on his podcast, to discuss, among other things, his love for prank calls.

The topic came up when Eisen referenced an off-air conversation where Cooley had promised to prank call him the night before the show. For clarity's sake, Eisen used to be a host on ESPN, and this is what Cooley said:

I really wanted to prank call you and make it be something that you'd be mad about, and then just bring it up, mid-podcast. I can't remember who I was going to be. I was going to be somebody from Sports Center, and I was going to say that you were the absolute worst host of a show, it was a joke...You'll get your prank call. I would have done my research.

From there, Cooley launched into a hilarious description about his history of prank calls with other NFL players. He also admitted that while he had previously told Eisen he had the mentality of a 17-year-old, he may actually be more like a 14-year-old:

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