McHale Thoroughly Impresses Rockets

McHale Thoroughly Impresses Rockets

Looking back on a process that included three interviews lasting more than 20 hours, Daryl Morey remembers one moment that sold him on Kevin McHale.

It occurred as Morey and his staff peppered McHale on approximately two dozen end-of-game situations as part of a discussion that included topics ranging from coaching influences to player development.

OK, Kevin, we're down five points with 50 seconds remaining and have the ball and one timeout?

Or …

We're up three with 90 seconds left and one timeout remaining.

McHale answered confidently and without hesitation.

"We analyze the heck out of those game situations," Morey said, "and Kevin hit the ball out of the park. It made me realize how smart he is and how he knows his stuff. That was the moment for me. Believe me, he's going to know what to do at the end of games."

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