Burrows a Fearless Foil to Sedins

AP Photo

Love him (Vancouver does) or hate him (most everyone else outside of Pincourt, Que.), Alex Burrows has made himself into one of the National Hockey League’s most interesting stories.

Not irresistible, mind you. Just interesting.

The 30-year-old winger’s list of transgressions amounts to a sort of Claude Lemieux starter kit, and those who point out that his most heinous crimes — hair pulling and biting — leave him just one scratching incident short of a catfight have solid, if legally inconclusive, evidence on their side.

Oh, and there’s the Stephane Auger accusation, too; Burrows’s 2010 allegation that the referee told him before a game that he was going to get him, and in the end called the penalty on him that cost the Canucks a game. You don’t hear that uttered every day, out loud.

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