Cubs Should Suspend, Dump Zambrano

Cubs Should Suspend, Dump Zambrano

Summing up the way so many people on the North Side probably felt Sunday night, Jim Hendry just sighed when he answered the phone. On the eve of Major League Baseball's amateur draft, Hendry took precious time away from preparing for the Cubs to pick ninth overall to compare Carlos Zambrano's shenanigans.

It has been that kind of bad-meets-worse week for Hendry, the kind in which Zambrano has behaved as if he owns stock in Chicago sports-talk radio stations.

"You don't want Carlos to break his bat over his knee in frustration with himself (as Zambrano did Tuesday night) and risk getting hurt, but if it's not directed at his teammates, I'm OK with that from time to time,'' Hendry said in a phone interview from Arizona. "But what I'm not OK with is calling out teammates publicly and even privately if somebody's giving their best effort.''

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