Zambrano's Implied Message: I Want Out

Zambrano's Implied Message: I Want Out

Carlos Zambrano is a liar.

Not in assessing his Cubs teammates with a ‘‘We stinks,’’ as he did after a 3-2, 10-inning loss Sunday to the
St. Louis Cardinals. With that, he was 100 percent on the money.

Not for calling the Cubs’ play on the field ‘‘embarrassing.’’ If it quacks like a duck, lies down like a duck and dies like a duck, it’s either a duck or 102 seasons and counting of ‘‘embarrassing.’’

Why he would fail a lie-detector test is because of the answer he gave Cubs beat writers when he was asked Monday if he wanted out of the North Side.

‘‘I don’t want to think about that,’’ Zambrano said, knee-deep in damage control. ‘‘I’m a Cubbie. I want to be a Cub the rest of my life. I want to focus on this team.’’

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