What Can Warriors Get for Ellis?

What Can Warriors Get for Ellis?

You can argue that trading Monta Ellis is the wrong decision because Ellis is such a special scorer. That's worth a debate.

Or you can think it's what has to be done because the Warriors won't be a realistic playoff contender unless they get bigger, either on the frontline or with a taller guard to pair with Stephen Curry (or trade Curry to pair with Ellis—your choice).

Which is what I believe.

And I believe Curry is the keeper because he's younger and a truer distributor-scorer, not just a scorer. Both are sketchy on D—no advantage there for either.

But what Warriors fans can't do any more is put their hands over their eyes and ears and deny that the team could or will ever consider trading a player as popular as Ellis. That's the old Warriors.

As it is becoming increasingly clear, these are not the same old Warriors—addicted to popular players and not to the tricky stuff like building a roster that can play D and win games.

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