Humiliating Month for WVU a Blessing in Disguise

Humiliating Month for WVU a Blessing in Disguise

Between head-coach-in-waiting Dana Holgorsen getting kicked out of a casino after 3 AM and head coach Bill Stewart leaking inaccurate information to the press and asking them to “dig up dirt” on his successor, it’s been an embarrassing month for West Virginia football and athletic director Oliver Luck. But in the end, Mountaineer fans actually have reason to celebrate.


Let’s cut right to the chase with this: Bill Stewart was not a good head coach. Sure, he won nine games in each of this three full seasons in Morgantown, but the team perennially underachieved.

There was the 2008 team with Pat White that started the season ranked in the top 10 and with national title aspirations which got blown out in week two by East Carolina and lost to Colorado in overtime to start the season 1-2, dooming WVU’s title chances practically before they started.

There was the 2009 team that finally looked to have things figured out until a hideous bowl game against Florida State in which Bobby Bowden went riding off into the sunset with a mediocre team while Stewart looked like the one who’d let the game pass him by when FSU finished the game on a 30-7 run.

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