Murphy's Law Strikes for Canucks in Game 6

AP Photo

Murphy, one assumes, was an Irishman.

His law, therefore, if it were applied anywhere on this side of the Atlantic, would be most likely to find its victim in Boston.

It found the Vancouver Canucks on Monday. Found them wanting in a very big way. Found them curled up in the fetal position, looking very much like a team dying to be a victim of something or other, whatever came along.

Anything that can go wrong, will? Thank you, Murphy. You called it.

Mason Raymond: injured on an awkward but clean Johnny Boychuk hit, 20 seconds into the game. Taken to hospital.

Roberto Luongo: three Boston goals on the Bruins’ first eight shots went past the Canucks’ clearly unsettled starting goaltender, none of them suitable for admission by a man...

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