Thomas' Rise to Greatness Reaches Peak

Thomas' Rise to Greatness Reaches Peak

He knew. Some players can play in the NHL for decades and never get a chance at a Stanley Cup.

Tim Thomas was nearly one of those players. At 37 years old, the Bruins goalie was realistic about the opportunity in front of him as the Bruins advanced in the playoffs.

It might’ve been his only shot to win a Cup.

One of the worst moments of his career was sitting on the bench in Vancouver during the Winter Olympics, watching his Team USA teammates lose in the gold medal game to Team Canada. Watching Ryan Miller allow a goal to Sidney Crosby that sent the Americans home with a loss.

He’s one of the game’s biggest competitors and he was helpless.

This Vancouver trip was different. He could control this.

With each playoff series the Bruins won, his urgency increased. The gap between Thomas and the Cup decreased.

“The deeper they got into it,” said Thomas’ wife Melissa, “it was like ‘Okay, we need to seize this.’ ”

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