Blaming Anarchists for Riots Convenient

Blaming Anarchists for Riots Convenient

Surely, none of them were hockey fans. Not the guy in the vintage Trevor Linden jersey posing next to the burning truck in front of the Post Office; not the guys in the Pavel Bure or Alex Burrows or Roberto Luongo jerseys who rampaged through Vancouver’s downtown core, smashing windows and looting and setting cars on fire. Surely they were all just dead-enders, anarchists, professional felons. Makes sense.

Except it doesn’t, and the attempt to peddle the fallacy is not going to help Vancouver move past whatever sickness ails that city.

Vancouver Chief of Police Jim Chu told reporters Thursday, after the riot that marred the end of Vancouver’s chase for the Stanley Cup, that the rioters were “young men and women disguised as Canucks fans who were actually criminals and anarchists. These were people who came equipped with masks, goggles and gasoline, even fire extinguishers that they would use as weapons.”

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