Fredette Won't Fail in NBA

Fredette Won't Fail in NBA

Jimmer Fredette is not an undersized scoring guard.

He's a point guard.

And he has decent size for a point guard.

So when you hear people this week debating whether a franchise would be making a mistake to take an undersized scorer in the lottery, please correct them and tell them the former BYU star isn't an undersized scorer. Tell them he's a 6-foot-2 point guard. Then tell them a franchise won't regret selecting last season's National Player of the Year as much as other franchises are going to regret passing on him.

I believe that with all of my heart and brain.

I know Jimmer Fredette was a great college player.

I also believe he's going to be a better-than-most-believe professional because most seem to be focusing too much on what they think Fredette can't do as opposed to highlighting what it is he can do -- like handle the ball, create, shoot and ... pass.

Yes, Jimmer can pass.

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