Rodriguez Isn't to Blame for Marlins' Mess

Rodriguez Isn't to Blame for Marlins' Mess

Edwin Rodriguez is a good and decent man.

He was happy and gratified when the Marlins gave him the opportunity to be their manager on an interim basis last season and then a full-time basis quickly thereafter. He was fulfilled and honored, too, to be the first manager in the bigs from Puerto Rico.

All of that is why Larry Beinfest, who is franchise president of baseball operations, wasn't just offering standard platitudes upon accepting Rodriguez's resignation Sunday morning hours before the Marlins played at Tampa Bay and failed to break out of what grew to a 1-18 horror show this month.

"I just gauged this was an extremely frustrated, proud man, and it was probably the right thing to do," Beinfest said. "We just accepted it, and I'll keep my conversation with him private. He's a very respectful man, and you can expect that's the way that conversation went."

What's happening to the Marlins isn't Rodriguez's fault, but the "right thing to do" comment from Beinfest fits the ex-manager to perfection.

He was doing what he could.

He was taking undeserved blame.

He was being exactly who he is.

Rodriguez, in fact, initiated the conversation with Beinfest.

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