What If Kobe, LeBron Had Been One-and-Dones?

What If Kobe, LeBron Had Been One-and-Dones?

The NBA enacted a one-and-done rule in 2005, forcing players to be at least one year removed from their senior year of high school before entering the draft. If past stars were forced to abide by that rule, where would they have played college ball and what would their impact have been? We examine.

Kevin Garnett (Michigan)

“The Big Ticket” was said to be picking between Michigan and Maryland back in 1996 before he decided to enter the NBA draft due to poor test scores and a skyrocketing draft stock. If he had gotten the test scores to get into Michigan, it’s easy to imagine a return to the “Fab Five” days of black socks, baggy shorts and tons of trash talk.

Led by Louis Bullock and Robert “Tractor” Traylor, the 1997 Wolverines won the NIT title. Now imagine them with Garnett in the middle. While the NCAA tournament was chalked full of NBA talent at the time, it’s easy to picture UM winning the Big Ten instead of Minnesota and going all the way to the Final Four in place of the Gophers.

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