College World Series Star Has Unlikely Mentor

College World Series Star Has Unlikely Mentor

Cal second baseman Tony Renda was coming off a freshman season productive beyond his wildest dreams when everything unraveled. His father died of lung cancer last July and two months later his school dropped its baseball program. Renda needed the support of a friend, somebody who'd been through heartache and could offer perspective. So he jumped in his car and drove to the gym.

He knew his trainer would be there. Greg Anderson is at the same gym a few miles south of San Francisco all day every day, working with young athletes, middle-aged men and women, and even a few senior citizens. Baseball players are his specialty, and he puts them through a no-compromise strength and conditioning program while, sources close to him say, quietly emphasizing a no-tolerance attitude toward steroids.

To many people, the notion is more than incongruous, it's incredulous. Anderson was convicted six years ago for peddling performance-enhancing drugs, gained infamy for allegedly providing Barry Bonds and other major league stars everything from testosterone and human growth hormone to designer steroids called The Clear and The Cream, and was repeatedly sent to prison for refusing to testify against Bonds.

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