McHale Can Lead By Example

McHale Can Lead By Example

I found Kevin McHale lying on a training table getting his left ankle and hip worked on Monday afternoon. Is this guy making an effort to fit in or what?

"Arthritic ankle," he said.

Been there, done that, buddy. Torn this. Broken that. We've had our share.

Besides, McHale's new team will be perfectly happy if he's the only guy using those training tables at Toyota Center next season.

"Too many sprained ankles," he said. "I played on it a couple of times when I shouldn't have. It's nothing really major — just an inconvenience."

McHale had spent the morning on the practice court with his new team, beginning very gradually to evaluate what he has.

That he's back in this position at all is a surprise to plenty of people who never thought he'd coach again after the Timberwolves gave him the boot two years ago.

McHale probably thought the same thing, but after about six months, the only life he'd ever known began to tug at him.

He loved television work, especially working for TNT. He got a kick out of talking basketball with Charles Barkley and friends, but there was this gnawing feeling about actually getting back in the arena.

But McHale resisted, turning down one coaching offer and doing so without a bit of regret.

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