All-Star Game About Stars, Not Stats

All-Star Game About Stars, Not Stats

You have until midnight Thursday to be a jackass. You have until midnight to be a jerk, a moron, everything wrong with the MLB All-Star selection process. That's you. And me. Because until the polls close on midnight Thursday, we have the ability to pick the starters for the 2011 All-Star Game -- and of course we're doing it wrong.

The baseball nerds say so.

Well you know what? The hell with them. The All-Star Game isn't for the baseball nerds. It's not for the hand-wringers or the arbiters of What Is Right. It's not supposed to be for home-field advantage, either, though that's given to the league that wins this game. If that's a problem for some people, well, take it up with commissioner Bud Selig. He's the jackass, the jerk, the moron who overreacted to the All-Star tie in 2002 by turning this midseason fantasy fling into something as serious as the destination of Game 7 of the World Series.

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